Trekstor Smart TV Station

Multimedia player and interactive control center

Interactive television
The new SmartTV Station brings TrekStor interactive entertainment into your living room. The Internet-enabled multimedia player turns any television into a Smart TV and offers via the pre-configured online portal access to countless applications and Internet services. The format variety for the playback of movies, music and pictures from the home network are almost limitless.

Powerful and versatile
The SmartTV Station combines the features of a high performance multimedia players with the advantages of web entertainments. The HD playback device has a variety of playback functions and supports for example the movie player for the playback and management of a complete video collection on your TV. Images are displayed via the photo viewer. Here, transition effects for slide shows can be used. A preview function for pictures and movies is also available. The supported output resolutions are 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, NTSC and standard PAL as well as the aspect ratio of 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3. The file systems FAT32, NTFS, ext3, HFS and ext3 can be used. In addition, all popular audio, image and video formats, video container formats and subtitles are rendered.

WLAN ready
The SmartTV Station grants access to the data via three USB ports, an optical S/PDIF port, a HDMI™ v1.3 interface, 10/100 MBit RJ45 Ethernet and AV-Out (composite). Thanks to the NAS function the player also functions as a practical network storage and offers via samba and DLNA/UPnP AV access to the connected data store. The streaming from mobile devices, which are in the home network is possible, but also an optionally available WLAN adapter provides wireless access to the station.

TrekStor SmartTV-Portal
The SmartTV Station becomes an interactive control center with Internet access via the pre-installed SmartTV-Portal. This provides access to various applications and services. Besides being able to access social media or video portals like YouTube, media libraries can be found here, series and TV portals. Offered are TV shows and full seasons of known comedy and drama series, which the user can watch free on TV.

The fitting app for everybody
Even those who like it informative will not be dissapointed when using the portal. News magazines, newspapers, maps/navigation services, real estate portals, TV program guides, weather services, cooking guides but also ordering service, online auction houses and interactive games are on offer.

Clear and intuitive
The user interface of the SmartTV Station provides with clear menus and a convenient remote control for an intuitive operation. A simple file management makes copying and organizing of media via the screen menu on your TV

Via the optional WLAN adapter also wireless streaming is no problem. Thanks to the compatibility with Android™ and iOS, an Android or Apple® device can be used, besides the included remote control, for controlling the SmartTV Station. Ethernet, HDMI™ connector, three USB ports and NAS function are also on board.

Trekstor DVB-T Stick Terres 2.0

DVB-T Stick with remote control and external DVB-T antenna

Thanks to the modern DVB-T sticks you can turn your laptop within a few minutes to a portable TV. The few grams light stick can be easily stored in any pocket and can be simply connected via a free USB port to your notebook. The installation works with the included software CD quickly and easily. Now there is nothing in the way of an unadulterated viewing experience.

Well informed
The integrated software enables not only the access to a digital TV guide, but additionally to the broadcast dates also summaries and background information can be read. This provides you with a constantly updated program schedule for the next few days.

Recording functions
Through the integrated recording function for TV and radio, which you can start easily by pressing a button, you won't miss any broadcasts. TV recordings can be easily programmed via the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) or manually in a few easy steps. The extra time-shift function allows time-shift television of any kind of programs. Thus the desired program can be stopped via the pause button and can be resumed at a later date.

All in
Included in the delivery are an external magnet foot DVB-T antenna, a remote control as well as an USB extension cable. Also included is a quick guide as well as a software CD for the fast setup of the device. The small brings TV reception in best quality on the netbook, laptop or computer and also supports HDTV (MPEG4/H.264). A convenient operation guarantees the supplied remote control as well as the simple interface of the comprehensive software. This allows programming, check the program guide or movie information via EPG (Electronic Program Guide), time-shift for time-shifted television and the direct recording by pressing a button. Teletext and subtitles are available on request. But also radio friends get their money's worth thanks to an integrated digital and analogue radio tuner (DAB+, DAB, FM). The DVB-T stick offers next to USB 2.0 also a coax connection, with is compatible to both the included DVB-T antenna as well as to the house connection.

Trekstor SatReveiver Luna S2 PVR

DVB-S2 satellite receiver with recording function

The SatReceiver Luna S2 PVR is universally applicable and easily handles DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards. Not only 5000 channels and 4 favorite lists, but also pre-programmed channel lists for an easy setup as well as the option of parental control belong to the TrekStor SatReceiver standard. Thanks to the modern, included infrared remote control and thanks to the clears menus, the SatReceiver is particularly user friendly.

The HD SatReceiver Luna S2 PVR also has an HDMI interface, through which all your digital home theater components that are also HDMI equipped can be connected and video as well as audio contents can be transmitted digitally.

Watching TV in HDTV quality
That is how watching TV makes fun: Enjoy via the SatReceiver television images in best HD quality (1080i). The television picture appears much sharper and more detailed!

MediaPlayer function
Via the USB 2.0 interface you can transform your DVB-S2 receiver into a multimedia player. Simply connect an external volume (hard drive, USB stick etc.) to the interface and yet you can play the files (videos, photos or music) via your TV.

Recording function
In addition to the MediaPlayer function, you also have the possibility, to record broadcasts via the USB interface on an external hard drive. Program the recording easily via the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) or start it manually by pressing a button on the infrared remote control. The integrated time-shift function (for time-shifted television) rounds off the profile of the TrekStor Receivers.

With the EPG you will never lose the big picture! This electronic program guide shows you an overview of current and future programs with the corresponding transmission times. Depending on the channel, you will receive up to 7 days prior to the current program overview.