USB-Stick SLIDE 3.0 64GB

EUR 39.99 EUR 59.99

USB-Stick SLIDE 3.0

USB flash drive with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and retractable connector


Super fast: The USB-Stick SLIDE 3.0 allows a maximum data transfer rate of 70 MB/s when reading data or 30 MB/s when writing data. Thus you can copy bigger data amounts between your PC or Mac® and the flash drive without annoying waiting time. In case your Computer is not compatible with USB 3.0, the USB-Stick SLIDE 3.0 will do it’s work anyway: for it is downward compatible and can thus be used with any USB 2.0 jack.

Immediately ready to start: The USB-Stick is preformatted and therefore ready to use immediately.

Practical: The handy slide hides the flash drive’s connector inside, where it waits protected for it’s next use. An eyelet at the lower end of the USB-Stick SLIDE 3.0 makes it possible to attach a lanyard and thus to always have your flash drive ready at hand.

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