Energy Sistem Energy Music Box Z400 Dark Iron Radio CD MP3 (USB host and SD card reader)

A CD player with MP3 playback capability from CD and USB memory sticks or SD/MMC. With FM radio function and backlit LCD screen that displays ID3 information from your songs, and lets you create your playlists.

Energy Sistem Energy Bluetooth Music Box z30 (USBSD, FM, Line-in, Bluetooth).

Portable MP3 player with Bluetooth® tecnology. Enjoy your music from pen drives or SD cards, as well as ply your musicwithout cables through the Bluetooth® tecnology from tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. FM radio and recargable battery.

Energy Sistem Energy Music Box Z220 Sport Black & Green / Orange portable Radio MP3 (with lithium battery).

Take your own music to the "extreme". Feel free without hindrances. Listen to the radio and to your favourite MP3 music from your USB flash drive, SDHC cards or even from your own player. Rechargeable lithium batteries to fill with Energy your rhythm.

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